Our Holiday Favorites


We’d like to start off with that! We appreciate all of the support in store and online for the year of 2018. This holiday was a greatly successful one so we thought we’d highlight some of our customer’s favorites and let you know what lies in store for 2019.

happy 2019

Our Customer’s Favorites…

1. Cotton Covers by “I Love it Here”

It’s no surprise that our covers have been a firm favorite this holiday season. We started off with a whopping 60 + units only to be left with the last few by the end! We are still surprised at how popular these have become. Although we’re currently out of many designs there’s no need to worry, we will be restocking soon enough. Stay tuned to our social media accounts for updates!

2. Whale Shaped Fudge

These yummy little whale-shaped fudge pieces proved to be awesome additions to gifts this holiday season. Thank you to Tasha & her team for making them truly adorable!

3. Fizz Bombs

Thanks to the wonderful bath bombs and soaps our store smelled wonderful this holiday! Coming in as another favorite was our wide selection of bath bombs! Scents such as vanilla, rose, lavender and lemon have been very popular. Of course - the top seller was the cute “donut” shaped fizzers!

So what’s our goal for 2019?

Well as always, our goal is to continue to support local makers and businesses as much as possible! It’s true what they say - “When you buy from a small business an actual person does a happy dance!” We love that! We are always so amazed by the talent of our fellow South African’s hence why our goal this year remains to source locally made products in a variety of different crafts and price ranges.

We always aim to keep our store as unique as possible and thus we’re always trying new products and on a constant search for new suppliers. We do our best to cater for a variety of tastes while sticking to our quirky and fun theme of products in store.

We hope you’ve enjoyed following along with us on our journey in 2018! May 2019 be an even better one…

See you in store!

Much Love,

The Fat Whale Team