Artist's Spotlight: Mandy Brockbank

Packed Full of Imagination

Image Credit: The North Coast Courier

Image Credit: The North Coast Courier

Welcome to our latest Artist's Spotlight - Mandy Brockbank, a local Umdloti resident. In two words we'd describe Mandy's style as "brightly beautiful". Her colors used and bold painting give her a distinctly memorable style. Mandy's bubbly personality and free spirited nature can be seen clearly through her art pieces. 

Color Your Space

As Mandy once stated "I like to paint on anything the paint will stick to!" Her intricate detailing and vibrant colors are what make her work truly unique and eye-catching. She paints custom designs on furniture, walls, canvas and more.

Her art is bound to be the biggest feature in your space and add a piece of nostalgia and imagination. As seen in the featured images, a lot of Mandy's art is painted on refurbished old chairs. This really gives them a vintage yet fun feeling. 

After studying fine art at Wits, Mandy has been painting ever since. She paints using a variety of mediums and various painting techniques to get more texture and a 3D feel to her work. Her subjects feature a range of things including animals, plants and people. Mandy always adds color to everything she does. You can see her passion to create powerful and extraordinarily bold pieces.

Mandy Brockbank Painted Chair
Butterfly chair
Fish Painting
Under Sea Painting

Personally, I first met Mandy when she moved in next door to us in Umdloti. I could see her passion for painting straight away! She had loads of paintings in her home and was always working on new pieces. The first piece of work she gave us was a sea themed painted chair which one of our customers completely fell in love with! Recently I also sent Mandy an image of a bird taken in the Kruger of which her painted version came out beautifully!

There isn't too much more for us to say except that we're proud to have Mandy's stunning artwork in store and we think it speaks volumes to our local talent.

We hope that Mandy's artwork will inspire you to create your perfect space and find that one-of-a-kind piece of art to go into it. 

You can see more of Mandy's work via the following ways:

  • Instagram: @mandybrockbank

  • Facebook: Mandy Brockbank Art

Mandy often brings new pieces into the store so make sure to pop by every now and then for an update. Follow us on social media for immediate updates on our new arrivals. 

Much Love,

The Fat Whale Team

Lilac Roller
Lilac Roller Painting