Inspiration: Father's Day Gifting

Father's Day - Sunday 17th June

Hi shoppers! So here's a quick blog for father's day gift ideas. This Sunday the 17th is father's day and we have some lovely items in store! Dad's gift doesn't have to break the bank so we've listed prices below to help you choose. Our store is not only for the ladies...

As they say - in the end, it's the thought that counts! Your gift doesn't have to be overly complicated. You will know best what kind of items your dad would really love. Whether your dad's into nature & the outdoors or he's a hardworking business man - there are awesome options for any dad!

Hers's a couple of images for inspiration. Below we've listed various types of things we have in store that would be perfect for dad!

Options for dad:

  • Teas - from R 40

  • Coffee - from R 65

  • Hot Sauces - from R 55

  • Various Jams - from R 55

  • Nougat & Chocolates - from R 35

  • Mugs - from R 45

  • Art Prints & Plaques - from R 45

  • Desk Stands - from R 60

  • Beer Openers - from R 150

  • Assorted Gifts Cards and more!

Overall we have a selection of items that are great for Father's Day. Whatever your idea we can help you create the perfect present. Remember that we also gift wrap in store which makes things easy peasy! 

We're open every day of the week - check our home page for trading times. We hope to see you soon!

Much Love,

The Fat Whale Team