Inspiration: Mother's Day Gifting

Mother's Day - Sunday 13th May

Hello & welcome! The title of this blog pretty much sums up what we'll be discussing - some awesome Mother's Day gifting ideas. Our mothers are all so special to us for all that they do so a thoughtful gift can really mean a lot. With Mother's Day being this Sunday 13th May, we decided to do a quick blog with a couple inspirational ideas. 

As they say - in the end, it's the thought that counts! Your gift doesn't have to break the bank or be overly complicated. You will know best what kind of items your mom would really love.

In order to narrow down the selection a little we've put together 5 different gift packs where you can add or subtract items in order to make it your ideal gift. Since everyone has a favorite color, we've grouped our gifting packs accordingly. We've tried to include a little bit of everything in each pack and included the prices of each item in order for you to work according to your budget.  

Idea One: Pinks & Oranges

Jess Body Butter in Pomegranate - R 195. Mamere Nougat Almond & Cranberry - R 50. Wall Plaque - R 45. Rose Fizz Bomb - R 35. Love Supreme A5 Doodle Book - R 150. Gift card with Pelican - R 35. Gift total = R 510.

Idea Two: Yellow, Blue & Green

Jess Uplifting Bath Crystals - R 90. Nobunto set of 3 pillar candles - R 120. Love Supreme Pencil Case - R 165. Blue polka dot mug - R 170. Indah Glass Beaded Earrings - R 85. Protea gift card - R 30. Gift total = R 660.

Idea Three: Blue & White

Polka dot bowl - R 120. Tea with Quote - R 70. Tie-dye candle - R 190. Blue pattern purse - R 149. Love Supreme kitchen tea towel - R 120. Leaf design gift card - R 40. Gift total = R 689.

Idea Four: Neutrals with Orange

Lavendar & honeybush soap - R75. Afrikoa 55% semi-sweet chocolate - R40. Hedgehog bowl - R130. Woven crochet clutch - R250. Bath & body oil in Green Fig - R150. Posy flower card - R35. Gift total = R 680.

Idea Five: Red & Black

Protea Passion bath salts - R 70. Ouhuis Rooibos tea in natural - R 40. Wide Tassel necklace - R 70. African woman pouch - R 220. Red heart teacup set of 2 - R 385. Just for you bunny gift card - R 35. Gift total = R 820.

Of course, these are all just suggestions! You can customize your gift to suit your tastes and budget.

All in all we have loads to choose from when it comes to buying a gift for mom! Make sure to pop by this Sunday - we're open 9am to 2pm. Happy shopping!

Much Love, 

The Fat Whale Team