Makers Spotlight: Riverlea Soaps

Things are getting Fizzy!

Hello everyone! Welcome to another addition of "Maker's Spotlight". In this article we're delving into the wonderfully hand made products by Riverlea Soaps.

Riverlea Soaps

Riverlea Soaps

Odette, owner and maker, is inspired by all things soapy! Her creations are whimsical, fun and creative. Some even look good enough to eat! All of her products are preservative free and contain only vegetables oils. The oils used are beautifully fragranced and also contain therapeutic properties. The various vegetable oils used include olive, coconut, shea butter, palm, sunflower and canola. 

They have quite an extensive range of hand made soaps and other novelties at Riverlea. At the moment we are stockists of their brightly colored bath bombs. BUT stay tuned - we know there will be more coming your way soon. 

An interesting side note to customers - at Riverlea they are able to customize goodies for your special occassion such as a baby shower, wedding reception etc. If you're looking for cute favors or gifts for friends this is a lovely option. They also offer soap making lessons for kiddies parties and the likes. A really different but fantastic way to keep the kids having fun. 

For more info please contact them via the following methods:

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See our collection of bath bombs below - make sure to visit soon!

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