Artist's Spotlight: Matthew Bell Pencil Art

Simply Stunning!

Those are the two words we'd use to describe the exquisite artwork by self-taught artist, Matthew Bell. Welcome to our first ever "Artist's" Spotlight blog! Here's a little more about his passion, process and the products we stock in store.

Matthew Bell Pencil Art

Born in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, Matthew has always had a love for nature and capturing intricate details in his work. Using pencil allows him to make those perfect details even more relevant. He views the negative space around his subject to be just as important as the drawing itself. He's constantly inspired by the African bushveld and the diversity therein. South African birds, animals and trees are all subjects of his well thought out masterpieces.

Drawing from photographs, every drawing is carefully constructed and colors are slowly built up. This layering effect gives more depth of feel to the drawings and makes the colors pop even more.

What first started out as a hobby became a full time occupation for Matthew when he relocated to Cape Town. His control and perfection are easily noticed across all of his drawings.

bird drawing matthew bell
matthew bell artwork

We first spotted Matthew's work in Hout Bay, Cape Town and we were really taken a back by his amazing realism. His products are aimed towards the tourist market but of course are also much loved by locals. If you're an avid birder or enjoy our gorgeous South African wildlife then this artwork is just for you. 

We currently stock a wide variety of his artwork in store. All of the pieces are signed copies of his original drawings. If you're after an original piece you should follow Matthew on social media or visit his site for more. There you can sign up to his mailing list and be notified of new drawings as soon as they are done. Usually new artwork is sold on a first come basis or is auctioned off. We guarantee you that the copies are just as beautiful and can easily be framed for your space. 

You can contact Matthew via the following ways:

Matthew Bell Elephant Drawing
  • Instagram: @matthew_bell_art

  • Facebook: @matthewbellanimalart

  • Email:

  • Website:

Matthew Bell Rhino Drawing

So do yourself a favor and pop by to view the amazing pieces from Matthew Bell. His artwork is bound to wow you! 

Much Love,

The Fat Whale Team