Latest Arrivals - Jan 29th 2018

Good Morning Ballito!

Welcome to our first "Latest Arrivals" blog post. We're always keen to keep our customers updated on our latest products. Our goal is to keep things fresh for all of our local shoppers. Plus our visitors from abroad will see new items every time they pop by.

This week we focused on expanding our confectionery range to include more yummy goodies! These are especially great as gifts for both men and woman and they're easy to add to any present. Here's a list of our new items:

1. Afrikoa Chocolate Range

These African made chocolates are not only beautifully packaged but all of their cocoa is sourced directly from African farmers. They keep the entire chocolate making process on the continent! They boast being a "bean-to-bar" chocolate company which essentially means they work directly with cocoa farmers to help create the perfect chocolate bar. 

They make 4 different flavors including a 27% milk chocolate, a 55% semi-sweet chocolate, a 70% dark chocolate as well as a 80% sugar free chocolate (which is made with xylitol). The 55%, 70% and 80% bars are all vegan and the 80% bar is suitable for diabetics. They never use any preservatives or additives such as soy/gluten. But the best part is that they taste fantastic!

2. Dam Fine Products

From the farm, for your kitchen. The Dam Fine product range includes a Beer Jam, Chili Jam, Whisky Marmalade and Red Wine Jelly. They also make a range of different hot sauces. We currently stock the Jalapeno Hot Sauce, Smoked Hot Sauce and Hot Chili Sauce.

Their products are all homemade and do not contain any preservatives or additives. These are wonderful to add to any gift for your dad, brother, boyfriend or husband. They're easy to use for cooking and braaing or even marinading.

Thanks for reading and staying up to date with our latest stock! Have a wonderful week - and keep your eyes peeled for more new goodies.

Much Love,

The Fat Whale Team