Latest Arrivals - Jan 31st 2018

Hi Everyone!

Three brand new ranges have arrived in store. We are so happy to share some further info on the artwork and different product lines. 

Created and designed by Desiree Smith, a Cape Town based South African, the Whimsical Collection range features her talent for fine art. Their ethos is to support organisations which seek to conserve and protect our rich African wildlife. A portion of the sales is thus donated to The Rhino Orphanage. Her unique designs promote environmental awareness by bringing to life our exceptionally beautiful animals. 

1. Wildlife in Color

A bright and certainly colorful range of gorgeous African animal inspired designs. We currently stock the large round trays, round placemat sets, notelet packs, potholders, and permanent placemats in various designs.

The permanent placemats have a cork base and the placemat sets (a pack of 4) contain 4 different designs all of which can be reused by wiping them off with a damp cloth. The potholders will prove to be really useful kitchen tools and our notelet packs make for beautiful cards or can even be framed works of art.

2. Wildlife at Leisure

This really cute range features animals at leisure on various sofas and couches. The quirky and creative designs are a very original way of highlighting the beauty of our African animals. We currently stock selected prints in this range as well as trays, placemats, and notelet packs. 

3. African Woman by Desiree Fine Arts

Elegant and sophisticated African woman are brought to life through these drawings by Desiree Smith. Four stunning designs are available in the range including African Woman Pomegranate, African Woman Black Necklace, African Woman Green Dress and African Woman Beige Floral Headpiece.

We currently only stock the notelet packs and small pouches in store. 

Thank you for following up with our latest arrivals! If you have any further questions about the ranges please feel free to contact us via email or phone. All of our details are on our Contact Us page. 

Much Love,

The Fat Whale Team